Workplace Wellness

Each company is unique as are its employees and their health challenges that may be affecting their productivity, creativity, safety and performance. We create custom solutions that will address your unique challenges and to help cultivate a healthy workplace culture. Showing you care about your employees is just the start. An integrative strategic wellness program is essential to ensuring they will benefit and so will your business performance. Book a complementary 30-minute complimentary Business Wellness Assessment so I can learn about what you already have in place and help identify some areas of opportunity.


Stress can overwhelm us, whether it’s the daily grind or bigger life issues. We can all use some help to reduce and eliminate stressors. Stress directly impacts your wellbeing, emotionally and physically. Chronic stress impacts your physical health by the inflammation it produces, interferes with sleep and hormones and results in changes to your gut microbiome and digestion. Getting stress under control and knowing how to reduce it takes an honest look at your relationship with stress and working on it. Taking the Stressmastery Questionnaire is the starting point to becoming aware of your stressors and where to start. Contact Melody to get started.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Optimize your health with a holistic approach that’s sustainable and effective for the long-term. No quick diets or calorie counting here! A refreshing way to eat, live, and be to help you feel your best.

Executive Wellness Leadership Coaching

When most of today’s executive and business leaders went to business school workplace wellness wasn’t even on the radar. Now the most successful companies have leaders who recognize that their employees are the number one strategic priority for a successful organization. Customers are second and shareholders are third in priority. Without healthy, happy employees you don’t have a business model that will be successful in taking care of customers. If you’re a leader that already understands this and cares about taking better care of employees then let’s have a conversation about how I can help you. If you’re not quite there yet and are interested in developing this mindset and the skills to lead your company with more compassion and priority for employees then you’ve also come to the right place. Cultivating a healthy workplace culture starts with you. Let me show you how. Book a complementary call with me to explore this exciting and valuable strategy that will help take your business to the next level.

Why workplace wellness?

Some of the most successful companies use workplace wellness as a strategic initiative, for their employees’ well-being and for the company’s bottom line.

Creating a healthy workplace culture takes time and expertise. If you are just starting out, you may not want to hire a full-time employee to be responsible for developing and implementing a workplace wellness program. It also may not be in your best interest to task an employee with an already busy job to take this on – it may not be well received, it may not get done, at least not well. Was that in their job description when they were hired and are they even qualified? It may be considered another stressful thing on their already busy plate. It makes sense to outsource this to a qualified professional with the skills and passion to bring you the latest in ideas, resources and creativity to deliver what your company needs.

A good place to start is working with a workplace wellness provider, to not only save you money, but also ensure you are on the right track at the beginning. It starts with your own leadership team being open to the idea that a healthier, happier and more productive employee is worth the effort of implementing a healthy workplace culture strategy.

Companies and employees benefit mutually from initiatives that demonstrate that leadership actually cares about their well-being.

Business Benefits:
  • Reduced employee absenteeism and presenteeism
  • More engaged and productive employees
  • Positioned as “Employer of Choice” and attracts top talent
  • Health oriented work culture promotes safe work practices and reduces injuries
  • Potential for reduced healthcare and insurance costs
  • Improved employee retention
  • Enhanced employee morale, job satisfaction and teamwork

A healthy workplace culture doesn’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen by offering a token lunch n’ learn once a year. A more comprehensive strategy involves multi-dimensional offerings that allow employees to engage their way, in their own time. For example, monthly newsletters, lunch n’ learns, on-site health coaching, stress management workshops, holistic heath resources intranet portals, group and team challenges and fun events, and leadership training are just a few of the possible initiatives that could elevate the healthy workplace culture you want. It doesn’t have to be everything, just the right things that work for your organization and its people.

Employee benefits of workplace wellness programs for encouraging improved health:
  • Improved healthy habits
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus and ability to concentrate
  • Happier mood and more cooperative spirit
  • Ability to make better decisions and think more clearly
  • Motivated and want to learn about healthier eating
  • Fewer sick days for themselves and their families
  • Reduced workplace and home stress
  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Reduced personal healthcare costs
  • Reduced risk of developing sickness and disease

Every CEO and CFO wants to know, “What’s the ROI?”. It depends on many variables, however, research organizations often use the range of $3 to $8 per dollar spent on workplace wellness programs as the return on investment. Many of the benefits are social and intangible, considered VOI, such as improving the morale among the employees of a company, and making employees feel valued. More measureable benefits include, for example, potential to reduce health care costs, less absenteeism due to sickness and stress, and more creativity and productivity.

It’s part of doing the right thing: treating your employees as one of your most important assets, and as human beings who spend a lot of time working for your company and contributing to your bottom line. Without them operating at optimal health they’re not going to be as valuable to you, and if fact, may end up being a drain on your resources instead.

Watch for a report coming soon here that aggregates findings of several large, international research studies that demonstrate what’s possible when companies fully embrace prioritizing human health potential and well-being.

Next Steps…

To discuss how a workplace wellness strategy and initiatives can benefit your company and its employees get in touch with us for a complementary discussion and workplace wellness audit.  Book a complementary call today or call 306-500-8200, and discover what’s possible.