Melody Byblow

President, Founder & Chief Change Agent for Better Health 

As a holistic nutritionist since 2010, I teach people about healthy foods and lifestyle modifications that can make a profound difference in quality of life and health. I love being of service coaching people who want more out of life and a healthier body, who are open to making small, sustainable changes. Whether you want more energy, balance hormones, weight loss, or reduced symptoms of disease–every small goal achieved is a success on your health journey. My special areas of interest are helping people recover from Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue (and insomnia), brain fog, digestion improvement, detoxification, and hormone imbalances. All of these are inherently involved in Fibromyalgia. These are what I’ve recovered from and what my own health journey was all about! Learn more about my story below.

My Story

It’s been over 10 years since starting my health recovery journey and I’m living proof that holistic natural health strategies really do make a massive difference in quality of life!

I transformed my own health using a variety of holistic health strategies to tame Fibromyalgia after 15 years of increasing pain. Prior to that, I’d already been dealing with invasive spinal surgery fusions and car accident injuries. Mismanagement of pain negatively affected every aspect of my life. Chronic intense pain left me emotionally and energy depleted, destroying my relationships, ability to work, and quality of life.

By the time I turned 40, I thought I must be dying because the pain and other symptoms were unbearable. Painkillers barely helped and were causing side effects I wasn’t really aware of, like poor gut health. I was spending a huge amount of time and money on various physical therapies which helped very little. Feeling defeated and reaching a low point I knew something had to change. I intuitively thought there might be something about nutrition that could help. Little did I know at the time this would be the most profound and powerful catalyst of all and was foundational to my healing recovery.

I’m so grateful I took the leap of faith to pursue natural nutrition and holistic health education. What I learned literally saved my life. In the first three months I was able to reduce my pain by half, sleep better and felt my brain fog clearing. An unexpected bonus was I lost 25 pounds, what I know now was a combination of inflammation, detoxification, and fat loss. This got my attention and I knew I had to learn more. I was learning what my body needed for nourishment, bringing in the right support at the right time and creating my self-care routines. I was also learning about what was contributing to all the symptoms, such as environmental toxins, poor quality foods, chronic stress and much more.

Fast forward, I can tell you with certainty that every week, month and year got incrementally better. For at least the past eight years I’ve been 99% pain-free using food and herbs as medicine, with simple daily self-care practices that keep my mind-body-spirit nourished. I’m living a full life again and loving it!

My key lessons learned:

What I didn’t know before was that emotional trauma, toxic food, a busy lifestyle, and chronic stress are key components that sabotage health over time. Society culture and doctors had me thinking that food didn’t really matter, I can sleep when I’m old, and that piling on more responsibilities and stress is what high-achieving people do.

Now I know better! Our body’s ability to regenerate and even reverse aging is very powerful when it’s given the essential nutrition support, clean quality food, a non-toxic environment and effective stress reduction practices. These all help optimize how well we function, improve mood, enhance our ability to think and make good decisions, improve sleep, balance hormones, and so much more. I now teach others about improving the quality of the food they consume and how to integrate simple daily self-care habits. These are the foundational pieces that enhance our body’s innate regenerative abilities. I empower you to become the master of your own recovery and optimize your healing and maintenance going forward.

There is no substitute for personal self-care and must be a high priority if you want success in all other areas of life. These simple strategies can prevent years of poor health, pain and missing out on life. I’m here to help you navigate your own health journey and discover the missing pieces that can help you transform your health and live your best life.

If you want to explore what this might look like for you, book a 20-min complimentary call with me. I promise to give you some positive direction and insights for next steps. And I will listen, truly listen to your story and concerns.

How I work with companies and individuals:

In addition to a holistic nutritionist, I’m a workplace wellness consultant and executive wellness leadership coach. I help cultivate a healthy workplace culture by designing programs that support employee wellness. Programs involve things like making healthier food and lifestyle choices, reducing stress, toxins in your personal and household care, and being more active.

Seeing employees engaged in learning and becoming motivated to make changes gives me so much joy. I love to work with business leaders who care about their employees and are ready to take their people and companies to the next level. Wellness programs can provide real benefits, like reduced absenteeism, lower risks for injury, and higher productivity, to name a few. Everybody wins.

Over time, shifts in culture at companies can make a huge difference in the atmosphere for less stress, more teamwork and people being more supportive of everyone’s healthier lifestyles. A healthy culture is holistic, so we look at all parts of the company to see where we can make changes, even with community involvement and volunteering if that’s missing.

A healthy culture starts at the top and so I coach business leaders on their personal wellness journey and how to model this behaviour for employees. Wellness leadership starts with making employees the number one priority and truly caring about their wellbeing — their physical and mental health.

I’m an active member of the CSNN Alumni Association and is the Saskatchewan representative for the CSNN Alumni Regional Advisory Committee. I continue with advanced education each year with their Annual Conference, as well as continuing education with other courses and mentoring groups.

My on-going involvement and education with Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and participation with the graduate community in program co-development demonstrates my commitment to excellence and being a leader in this field to evolve workplace wellness programs for clients.

I am also a Stressmaster International Associate, delivering coaching and workshops to individual clients and in groups at workplaces. I wanted an internationally recognized program, and this was developed by a psychologist with 30 years experience in behavioral change to bring clients effective solutions for managing and reducing stressors. Reducing the effects of stress improves health, reduce risks for disease, and improves quality of life both at home and work for everyone. Workplaces benefit from effective stress reduction and management when groups do Stressmaster Workshops together so they can also work on solving workplace stress issues, as well as their own personal stressors.

Customized Solutions:

Each company is unique as are its employees and their health challenges that may be affecting their productivity, creativity and performance in each department of your office. I deliver custom solutions that will address your unique challenges. Ask about my free 30 minute complementary business wellness assessment so I can learn what will serve your business and its employees best.

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