To empower people with knowledge about nourishing foods, self-care and stress mastery for optimal health. We teach principles of holistic health, natural nutrition, improving gut and digestion health, reducing toxins and rebalancing hormones, by addressing nutritional deficiencies and removing foods that are interfering with optimal health to help you meet your health goals. Your health journey can begin right now.

How can we help you get started on your wellness journey? Wherever you are on this path, we support you with education and coaching on making changes to help you achieve your goals for a healthier body and lifestyle habits. The changes experienced are life changing and transformational, helping you live an abundant life with energy and vitality. Here are some of the ways we help people:
  • Executive Health Coaching – for personal health, to lead by example for wellness in your place of business, help you develop the business case and strategies for supporting your employees, showing them you care and put their wellbeing as a #1 priority
  • Create a healthy workplace culture and facilitate developing a workplace wellness strategy and programming; provide wellness guidance for your employees; create and coach a workplace wellness committee to increase engagement of your employees in wellness initiatives
  • Find freedom in food choices and healthy eating habits for a healthy body, lose weight with no calorie counting, help correct nutritional imbalances
  • Personal health coaching to learn about how holistic nutrition and lifestyle choices can enhance your health, support hormone balancing, detoxification and cleansing, learn about healthier environmental and personal care products, and much more
  • Learn to cook and prepare healthy meals and snacks from scratch – quickly, easily, even if you can’t make toast right now!
  • Stressmastery – reduce and eliminate sources of stress – helping you solve problems and see new perspectives – workshops or 1:1
  • Public speaking at a special event, on a webinar, or at your workplace on topics related to holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Writing articles for publications or related marketing of wellness promotion
  • Something else in mind? Contact us today to discuss!

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Workplace Wellness

We are offering any business who contacts us a complimentary Business Wellness Preliminary Audit. This will be extremely valuable to learn from an third party expert where your organization does well and what could use some improvement to support your employees. If you have recognized the value of having employee wellbeing as the number one strategic priority you are already partway there! Wellness initiatives at work help your people thrive, improves productivity, reduce stress for yourself and employees, improves safety, reduces absenteeism, improves engagement and innovation to name a few of the benefits of creating a healthy workplace culture and community. Reviewing all areas of wellbeing is the intention of the audit and we can share ideas for wellness initiatives would benefit your people and organization the most. If you are interested in this introductory level (and free!) audit mention in the contact message that you are interested in this and we will be in touch to set up a meeting with you shortly.

In the Media:

Check out my article on “Brain Fuel for Improving Safety at Work” by Melody Byblow, RHN, CMWA in the October-November 2017 issue of Business View Saskatoon, Health and Wellness issue. The concepts outlined are not only beneficial for improving safety at work, but also improves productivity, creativity and problem-solving abilities. If you are more alert throughout the day, everything is better – including your commute to and from work!

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Melody Byblow
Registered Holistic Nutritionistâ„¢
Certified Executive Wellness Coach
Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador
Stressmasterâ„¢ International Associate
Founder, President and CCA (Chief Change Agent)